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Death Metal Generative Experiment Out now!

Looking for the Demons in the images

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30-01-2018: The Manual of Pedal Settings: FREE download!

Mark has crafted the new pedalboard, so he needs to take note of the settings!
That's why the Manual of Pedal Settings has been created
The manual consists of 10 pages, and it is available for FREE download!
Click here to download the manual

Pedalboard settings
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04-10-2016: New leather Patches

Handcrafted leather patches have been created using fan artwork. Limited edition!

Death metal patches
Generative Art image

04-10-2016: Generative Art Experiment!

It's an experiment based on the photos and neural network. Photos were taken by fans during our last show. Work in progress! To see the final process, Keep in contact and visit the page!

A new Star has been found into the Draco Constellation
Check the map on Google Sky! (You need Google Earth installed)

Heretic Metal CD cover


NEW email: info.souldaemon[\m/]


Paint our songs! We are looking for artists. Contact us!


  1. Black Sea
  2. From the Desert
  3. Electronic War
  4. Dead World
  5. Heretic Metal
  6. Twilight of the Gods
  7. Wings of Death
  8. Survive in the Abyss!
  9. Symbolum666

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Abstract of SoulDaemon band

SoulDaemon is a Heavy Metal band from Italy that merges Death, Doom and Black Metal. The main feature is the bass that plays both rhythm and solo as guitar. Indeed, the guitar and the bass guitar exchange their roles during the songs. SoulDaemon was started in 1999 as Mark SoulDaemon's bass project. Then, in 2009 it becomes a heavy metal band that merges the death metal and black metal genres. The main influences derive from '80 and '90 death metal bands and black metal bands, such as Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Autopsy, Morbid Angel, Death, but also epic tunes of Bathory and heavy metal bands such as Manowar, Manilla Road and Cirith Ungol. The songs are almost obscure and experimental, forged with sinister and dark atmospheres. Death metal Vs Black Metal? It's quite hard to say, but the lyrics talk about to inner demons, fears, morbid feelings and depression. In 2016 Mark SoulDaemon has explored link between SoulDaemon's music and Generative Art as process to illustrate the band's concept.