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SoulDaemon band photo


Since 1999 SoulDÆmon is the Heavy Metal Bass project of Mark SoulDaemon from Padova, Italy. SoulDÆmon's music is raw and inspired by old school Death and Black. The tones are dark like oppressive dreams which are coupled with some nihilism atmosphere, apocalyptic visions. The project was born without guitars, and the bass played both rhythm riffs and solo. Then, in 2009 AndyChrist (Lowiper, Mill of Stone) and Lord Putridus (ex Algol, Rusty Angel, Chaos in Art ) joined the band, and the sound has been modified. Consequently, Mark has merged different styles such as fingers, shredding, power chord and solos; the drums of Putridus Lord have instilled spirit and heaviness and the guitar of AndyChrist has painted the old atmosphere with a touch of obsessive psychedelia. In December 2016 Lord Putridus left the band. In 2016 Mark SoulDaemon has explored the link between SoulDaemon's music and Generative Art as process to illustrate the band's concept.


Current lineup
Mark SoulDaemon - Lead Bass / Vocal (1999)
AndyChrist - Guitar / Backing Vocal (2009)

Past member:
The Lord Putridus - Drums (2009-2016)


Why Heretic? Because it destroys every rule of composition; guitar and bass exchange their role in the song. Now it is interesting to see how the fans perceive this music in different ways. The reasons could be the low frequencies of rotten distorted bass, which distract the perception from what really is, such as a guitar; others could be the guitar itself, the psychedelic riffs, the bass solos or the growl vocal. Some people say that I play black, death, proto-death, death - doom, heavy riffs, epic -black and other noise. Maybe I play all these genres or maybe no one: this is Heretic Metal.


Heretic Metal, 2014-13-12
Dead World, EP 2006
Fragment of Sanity, Demo 2005
DemonRise, Demo 2004
Race of Evil, Demo 1999-2002